Bah Humbug

Five of the best Christmas jumpers on the market

1. Buy one get one free?

You can now share your Christmas jumper experience with a loved one thanks to ASOS! Don't forget, you can get up 10% off your ASOS order with your TOTUM card. 

2. Can one jumper ever have too much tinsel?

If you're looking for a jumper to make you stand out from the crowd, Forever 21 might just have what you need. At just £25.20 (10% Totum discount included), what are you waiting for? Shop today.

3. Not a fan?

We've got you covered! Pick up your Bah Humbug Christmas jumper from the Union Shop and Reception or online now, at just £12 what's not to love?

4. I’m Buddy the Elf, what’s your name?

Who wouldn't want to be Buddy the Elf for the day? Buy your jumper today from ASOS, and don't forget to take 10% off when using your Totum card! 

5. Puntastic

We love puns! You can find this exceptional Christmas jumper in New Look, and don't forget to add 10% off if you buy it with your Totum card! 

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