New Year

Challenge yourself this January

Give yourself something to focus on in January by setting yourself a challenge, big or small!

1. Do something you’re scared of

Do something you're scared of and try to do it everyday for a week. It doesn't have to be a physical activity, it could be overcoming something that you worry about sometimes. You never know, by the end of the seven days you might have conquered your fear!

2. Break out of your comfort zone

Do you always sit with the same group of people in lectures and seminars? Or do you order the same thing for lunch every week? Break out of that cycle and try something new. It will give you a new experience and could even change your mind on what you like or dislike. 

3. Learn something new everyday

Be the person that always knows the answer at the pub quiz. Learn something new everyday for a week and make an effort to remember what you've learnt. If it helps, try small fun facts first!

4. Make lists

Write a note of things you want to do and make sure you cross off one thing everyday. We bet you'll get to the end of the month and feel proud of all the things you've managed to achieve. 

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