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The Perks of being a Live at Home Student

Don't feel left at home, from being at home

If you decide to live at home during your studies, you sometimes feel like you might miss out. But living at home can have lots of benefits, so FOMO is a thing of the past!

It’s cheaper

The thing that students spend the most money on is rent. With student halls and private landlords, rent can take up the majority of your money and in some cases, where you end up living isn’t great. By living at home, you might find you can pay a reduced rent, or no rent at all, giving you the opportunity to save money to spend on other perks, like clothes or travel! Bills also come into this category - it might be an idea to offer to chip in to pay some of the bills, but it’ll be cheaper than having to pay for them in a student house or halls.

The commute

So you may not be able to roll out of bed and into a lecture, but you’ll find the commute into Uni can be a great time to catch up on any reading you may need to do before a lecture or seminar, or re-read your notes from the previous week. Use the commute time wisely and keep on top of your studies - or simply look at the view (it’s pretty great!). Your commute may be a little pricey, but there are ways to combat this. You can get a 16-25 railcard or discounts on local buses. You could try to link up with other commuters and car share too!

Going out (or staying in)

When you live in halls, or in a house, you may find that you are herded along to lots of events that really, you’re not that interested in. By living at home, you have the choice of which events that you want to go to, and you can hand pick the best. You may want to ask a few people to attend as a group and ask someone if you can stay (if you don’t want to get the last bus or train home). You can also choose to have a night in and invite people over, or enjoy the evening to yourself without the pressure of everyone else around you heading out for the evening.

Home Cooked meals

If you’re lucky enough that whoever is at home likes to cook, there is nothing better than a home cooked meal. Takeaways can be appealing (up until rent is due), but the novelty wears off quickly. This is also usually cheaper than takeaways! Why not cook at least once a week so you can start to build up a catalogue of recipes? If you’re not cooking, you’ll find you have more time to study too.


The horror stories of the odd pink sock floats around many people’s heads when they think about doing their own laundry. But at home, you can ask for help and put in loads together, rather than waiting for weeks worth at a time (as laundry can also get expensive). 

You don’t need to move out

It sounds like an obvious one, but the process of moving in and out of halls and student housing each year can be difficult and inconvenient. It takes time and effort with the worry of forgetting something, leaving something behind, losing things, donating things… the list is endless. You’re already settled and comfortable - though you may be roped in to helping other people move in and out. 

You’ll feel more supported

By having your home network around you, you’ll have the support you need surrounding you when you need them. Some people can find university lonely and isolating, but having you family and friends around you can make a big difference.

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