Keeping in touch in Quarantine

Well… this is unusual.

The UK is now in lockdown and we are not allowed to have gatherings with more than two people. That word ‘unprecedented’ that’s being thrown around a lot at the moment has never been more applicable.

This is new. For all of us. But it doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. 

Keeping in touch with your mates and your loved ones is one of the best ways to get through this. Although you can’t meet in person, there are other ways to get a daily dose of social interaction!

Video Chat

Forget about needing to wash your hair or put make up on - trust me, none of us are doing that at the moment. Call your buddies and have a natter and a catch up. Cabin Fever is real and talking to your mates about anything is better than sitting alone worrying about everything.

You can use free apps to chat to multiple people at the same time and you can even play games with each other! 

Write a letter

I’m sure you have a pen and paper lying around somewhere. Remember to wash your hands before you start!
Write a letter to your Nan or your Mum - I’m sure they would love to receive something from you, especially if you didn’t get to see them on Mother’s Day. Postal services are still working so it will get to them! Maybe write on the envelope for them to wash their hands before and after they have read it - just to be on the safe side.

Netflix Party

Photo credit: Google Chrome

Before this was a thing, my friends and I would message each other, trying to play the programme at exactly the same time - usually one of us was a few seconds out so when we would message about all the craziness that was happening *cough*Riverdale*cough*, spoilers ensued. NOT ANY MORE. We can watch and live message together and see all the madness happening at the same time. Netflix, we thank you. But maybe not for Riverdale.

Game together

If you can - do! There are so many ways to game with other people on online platforms to talk to each other while you game and it’s a really easy way to remain connected and have fun whilst doing it. Get competitive, get excited, get loud, get winning! 

Create a Playlist

Create a playlist of your favourite songs - and keep adding to it! Play it loud in your headphones and have a dance, play it in the background while you cook and reminisce memories that spark when you hear a certain song - it’s a great way to feel connected to one another.

Pub Quiz

Many places and people are launching online pub quizzes to keep you entertained and to have fun - but no cheating! Have a look online and see if there is one that you and your friends can join in with remotely - or, why not host your own!

Just call

It seems like a simple, and almost overlooked method of communication, but really - a phone call can make a difference and brighten up someone’s day. Choose someone to call everyday and have a natter. What could be better?

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