A Gold University - what this means for students

The University has received ‘Gold’ status under the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) which means the teaching standards in Portsmouth are ranked amongst the best in the country.

The TEF was launched this year because the government felt universities have been too focused on research and decided to redress the balance in favour of teaching whilst driving a competitive higher education marketplace.

James Belmonte, Union President, welcomed the result saying, “this is excellent news for the University and students - it demonstrates the incredible standards of teaching at our institution and reflects the amazing levels of tuition, support and engagement from academics, staff and course representatives.”
The launch of the Teaching Excellence Framework has been a significant concern to both the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union and on a national scale, as it was initially linked directly to tuition fees. However, following lobbying from the Sabbatical Team, other Students’ Unions, the National Union of Students (NUS) and a debate in the House of Lords the Union is pleased to note that this idea has been sidelined for the time being.
Reflecting upon the fees debate, James said “we truly value the support from the University that we have received in raising the issue of tuition fees linked to metrics. This goes to show the strength of our partnership to continuously enhance the student experience.
“While we recognise that annually the cost of delivering excellence in education increases and government funding decreases we fundamentally disagree with this style of value assessment and will continue to campaign on a national level against the use of the National Student Survey (NSS) as a metric for calculating tuition fees.”
The results of the 2017 TEF, published on the Times Higher Education pages, reveal that not only is Portsmouth a 'Gold' status University - it is one of only four universities in the South East region to be rated gold, along with the Universities of Kent, Oxford and Surrey. This achievement sees the University ranked among the top 20 per cent of the 299 Higher Education providers in the UK who entered the Teaching Excellence Framework. 

In particular the University was commended for:

  • optimum levels of student engagement and commitment to learning being secured through excellent and integrated teaching and assessment practices
  • a strategic and inclusive approach that supports student learning, achievement and welfare effectively throughout the student life cycle
  • a clearly defined approach to induction and support arrangements for new students and for student transitions, with targeted support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and care leavers
  • industry-leading physical and digital resources which provide real and simulated learning opportunities, which are actively and consistently used by students to develop their independence and confidence, and enhance learning and progression
  • an established and embedded institutional culture that facilitates, recognises and rewards excellent teaching

To mark the prestigious achievement the University will be gifting a free ‘Gold’ drink on arrival to those students attending the 2017 Graduation Ball, amongst a programme of other celebratory activities.


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