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A New Vision for Sport

Book your attendance at AU Zone on 13th or 14th March and find out more

Today at Handover Conference for committee members, UPSU announced a new vision for sport.

The Students’ Union is committed to providing University of Portsmouth students with the best possible sports package.

We are exploring a new partnership between the University of Portsmouth Sport & Recreation Department and the Students’ Union, as an opportunity to improve the quality of the sport offer at the University.

Following today’s announcement, more detail will be presented at the next AU Zones on 13th or 14th March. We would like to encourage as many students as possible to book a place to attend, to find out more and ask any questions.You can also offer your feedback via upcoming focus groups and an online survey (more info below).

Download Handover Conference Presentation


A partnership with Sport & Recreation could offer access to increased:

  • Staff supporting competitive sport and create capacity to provide better resource for societies and non-BUCS sporting clubs
  • More transport options where finding your own drivers may not be an issue
  • More coaching options with professional and development programmes
  • Improved access to sports facilities with the new sports centre
  • More development opportunities and expertise
  • More dedicated expertise to be able to source and bid for funding to improve, strengthen and develop our competitive clubs


This is a student-led process, we need your input to create the best possible sport offer. All students can get involved through one or more of the following:

  • AU Zones 13th or 14th March, 6-8pm
    Register to attend to hear further details and ask any questions
    Book Now
  • Focus Groups running throughout March
    Register to join one of our focus groups, further focus groups running later in the year
    Book Now

  • Online Feedback Survey (open from 13th March until the end of term)
    Share your opinion and ask any questions via our online feedback survey. The feedback survey will be open from 13th March following the first AU Zone and will be available at www.upsu.net/future


Work on reshaping the entire Students’ Union began in 2015:

  • 3,000 student opinions in the 2016 Annual Survey & 3,500 student opinions in the 2017 Annual Survey
  • Involvement of three sets of Sabbatical Officers
  • Champions from Union Actioning Body (UAB) and the Sabb team
  • Roadshows around the University
  • VP Sports from 16/17 and 17/18 involved in developing the partnership approach with University of Portsmouth


Feedback gathered from students over the next few months will be used to finalise:

  • Define responsibilities and expectations between the Students’ Union and the University of Portsmouth
  • The elements of the sports package
  • The student leadership of clubs

Options for the final sports package will go to an all student referendum in October/November 2018.


Please bring your questions to the next AU Zones on 13th and 14th March 2018

Register your attendance at www.upsu.net/future

With your help we hope to create the  best sports package possible for University of Portsmouth students

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