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From September 2019, a new partnership between UPSU and Sport & Recreation will see a number sports clubs move across from the Union to be supported by Sport & Recreation. We want to ensure students continue being fairly represented, so have proposed the below model.​

To ensure students remain represented following the launch of the new partnership between UPSU and Sport & Recreation next September, we are reviewing the way in which student-led sport is governed at the University of Portsmouth.

We want to know how effective do students think the new proposed model meets the requirements for the representation of students in Sport/Physical Activity.

The present governance model (see below) only covers sports clubs at the Students’ Union. The suggested amendments would expand the current model to cover and include all sport clubs, whether managed by UPSU or Sport & Recreation.

The new model

The new model (see below) includes the following additions: 

  • A formalised ‘Sport Partnership Group’ that manages sport operations day-to-day, comprising of staff from UPSU, UoP Sport & Recreation and the Vice President Sport.
  • The ‘AU Executive’ will become the ‘Sport Portsmouth Executive’ and will grow to include UoP Sport & Recreation student representatives, as well as the UPSU elected sport representatives who currently sit.  
  • ‘AU Zone’ (council of UPSU club representatives) is to become ‘Sport Zone’ and include student representatives from UoP Sport & Recreation.

  • A new ‘Sport Development & Resolution Committee’ will be formed to help resolve challenges and sport-related issues, should they arise.

Looking for further information about new partnership and governance proposals? Head to www.upsu.net/insights/sports-consultation

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