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A guide to travelling to and from Portsmouth

The cheapest and often quickest way of travelling around the UK is public transport.

Here's our quick guide on getting in and out of Portsmouth by bus, train and coach. 

Catching the bus

Sometimes catching the bus in and out of the city can be one of the simplest ways to travel. Here are some tips on taking the bus:

  • Find your nearest bus stop and up-to-date bus times for the whole of the UK here.
  • A student travel pass (monthly / termly / annually) can save you money if you take the bus a lot. 
  • If you don't have a travel card, keep some change for bus journeys rather than a large note like £10 or £20, drivers may not have enough change to give you. Alternatively, you can always use the contactless feature on your bank card to pay for the fare. 
  • If you're not sure what stop to get off, just ask the driver. 

Travelling by train

Trains are often one of the quickest ways to travel long distances, though there are a few things to remember before you get on the train: 

  • Find the timetables for all UK routes on National Rail plus get live updates on arrivals and departures.
  • Get a 16 - 25 railcard which gives you 30% off rail-fare across the UK. 
  • Booking tickets online can often often save you money, especially the earlier you book your tickets. You can also buy tickets at the station. You need to have a valid ticket to travel on the train.  

Hop on the coach

Travelling by coach can be much cheaper than by train, but often takes more time. Two main companies used by students are National Express and Megabus. 

  • To find your nearest coach stop, use the National Express Stop Finder Tool or track your coach in real time using the Coach Tracker app. 
  • Buy tickets online in advance to get a better price and guarantee yourself a place. 
  • There are no assigned seats on the coach, so join the boarding queue early for the best choice.

Driving into the city

If you need to drive into Portsmouth, car parking is available in all public city centre car parks for a small fee.

Alternatively, Portsmouth's Park and Ride service offers a quick and easy way into Portsmouth for just £4 per vehicle. 

For more information on bringing a car or driving to Portsmouth, click here

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