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Your sabbatical officer team have heard you and are lobbying the University

The Sabbatical Officers have heard the student voice in the form of the petition that has picked up traction online, with over 5,500 signatures as of 31st March and continues to collect signatures still.

Update 16/04: 8,304 signatures.

The petition calls for the University to implement a 'No Detriment Policy' for students, so their grades are not negatively impacted from the disruption caused by Coronavirus Pandemic. You elected your Sabbatical Officer team to represent you on matters, just like this one and they are now actively lobbying the University for you, the students, with the following stance:

"The Officer team have been considering the option of a ’No Detriment Policy‘ prior to seeing this petition and we are happy to see that so many students share our views on this. We urge the University to follow the example of Exeter and Southampton Universities and implement a ’No Detriment Policy‘ to better support our students during this difficult and unprecedented time.”

Your Sabbs and your Union are working incredibly hard lobbying the No Detriment Policy to the University.  The Sabbs have signed a letter from the National Union of Students which will be sent to Universities UK, requesting that it be made a blanket policy for universities across the country.

THIS IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all who took part.

GET INVOLVED We are still collecting feedback from students. If you'd like to voice your opinion and your support, please help us by submitting a video, no longer than 20 seconds, answering any or all of the following questions:

- Why do you want a No Detriment Policy?

- How would this policy benefit you? 

- Why aren't the current measures working?

At the end of the video, please hold up a sign which says: We Support A No Detriment Policy

Submit your video

To submit your video or for more information about this, email by Sunday 12th April 11.59pm.

Please State within your submission email that you give full consent for UPSU to use your attached video/image.

With submitting your Video or Image you are authorising UPSU full rights to edit, alter, copy, publish and or distribute the material for the purpose of our digital campaign, as well as potentially other advertising purposes. This might include, but is not limited to, using the material on UPSU social medias, online publicity, within printed materials or press releases. Please visit for more information on how we handle and analyse data under the General Data Protection Act.  

The Sabbatical Officers wrote a letter to the Vice-Chancellor calling for a No Detriment Policy to be implemented. 

The letter can be read here.

The Sabbatical Officer Team have written an open letter to the Vice-Chancellor as part of their campaign to lobby the University to implement a No Detriment Policy.

They also wrote a letter to the Heads of Schools, calling for a minimum of a two week extension for current assessments.

This letter can be read here

The Sabbatical Officer Team have written an open letter to all the Heads of Schools and Departments to extend all assessment deadlines, including dissertations, to a minimum of 2 weeks, to make up for the lost time students have faces as a result of changes to digital learning and enable more support for students so they can complete the year successfully.

We asked for students to tell us why a No Detriment Policy should be implemented. 

The Sabbatical Officers had a letter of response from the Vice-Chancellor.

Read what he has to say here.

The Sabbs have said:

We have received a response from the Vice-Chancellor to our letter requesting that the University implements a no detriment policy. We are working on a response to this and are continuing to represent your views. In the meantime, please send us your thoughts on the VC's response.

On Friday 17th April your Sabbs hosted a Facebook Live, to answer your questions!

On Friday 24th April 5pm, your Sabbs hosted another Q&A Session on Instagram to answer the questions you had about current events and circumstances.

This was a great opportunity for students to speak directly to the Sabbs and get some answers!

On Friday 24th April, the University announced they were implementing No Detriment Practices to help support students.

This is a big win for the Sabbatical Officers as well as the Union who worked tirelessly to lobby the University to implement this for Students. 

The Sabbatical Officers and the Union has put together some information about Private Housing. 

Take a look at this article to read more about it!

The Union and the University have worked together to produce this infographic to break down what No Detriment Practices mean and how they might affect you. 


The Saabs hosted another Live Q&A on Friday 1st May to answer your questions. 

We know students have really appreciated this opportunity to speak directly to Sabbs and get their questions answered. 

We'll be taking a break this week (Friday 8th May) for the bank holiday, but if you do have any questions, feel free to email the sabbs at: where they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your VP Education and Democracy, VP Welfare and Community and The Advice Service have created this guide to ECF's to address some of the queries we've had from students about completing a successful ECF. 

Remember that although you may have been given extensions for your deadlines, you can still apply for an ECF if you feel you can't meet the deadline successfully. 

You can find out more information on our advice pages about the new changes to the ECF process as a result of Covid-19

Your President, VP Welfare and Community and Graham Galbraith have written a letter to members of the Portsmouth City Council to request landlords to release students from rental payments for the remainder of their tenancies.
Click here to read the full letter:

Keep an eye out one our socials and website for updates on all our campaigns as the Officers work hard to represent the wellbeing and academic rights of you as a student. 

For any questions, please email the Sabbatical Team at

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