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Here are some updates about private housing - from writing a letter to your landlord, to what to do if you're struggling to afford your rent.

Hayley, your VP Welfare & Community has created a letter template that students can use to request flexibility with their rent payments with their landlords.

For students currently in private house accommodation, the University Student Housing Team has produced some useful guidance including actions you can take if you cannot afford your rent.

The University Finance Team have also said, in relation to hardship funding, that students that are struggling and need funds should email them at studentfinance@port.ac.uk. They are still asking for applications and evidence which can be emailed to them (and they'll be flexible on what can be provided). Any student who is in financial difficulty can apply, regardless of the issues and they are mindful of the lack of part-time work affecting students adversely. They are also aware of our priority group students such as those with children, disabilities and care leavers/estranged students.

Your President, Helena, and VP Welfare and Community, Hayley, along with Graham Galbraith, are in the process of writing to members of the Portsmouth City Council to request landlords to release students from rental payments for the remainder of their tenancies and ensure support so neither party is financially strained. 

Don't forget you can still access Hayley's helpful Renters Rights Pack too for general support and resources on your rights when renting.

The government has also published guidance for landlords and tenants.

Your Sabbs wrote a letter to Portsmouth City Council about Student Renters and their rights at this time. 

Portsmouth City Council wrote an email response to the Sabbs. You can read what they said here.

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