Sabb Wins

Marks out of Tenancy

Your President is proud to announce a collaboration with Marks out of Tenancy!

This is a huge win for both your President and your VP Welfare and Community. One of Helena’s manifesto points was to introduce a 'rate your accommodation' and one of Hayley’s manifesto points was to hold landlords more accountable.

Marks out of Tenancy is a way to rate your landlord and letting agents in your private housing, allowing you to share your experiences with other students and let them know the positives (or the negatives!) about where you have lived. 

It’s super easy to do! Follow the instructions and leave a review!

Remember: Times have been tough for everyone over the past few months, so try to keep your review about the entirety of your time in your student home, rather than just focussing on the past few months.

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