Elected Officers

From Sabbs to Elected Officers

Meet your new Elected Officers and read all about their new names and roles

Your new Elected Officers will be taking office soon, and we know that the change in names and roles can be a little confusing! 

The roles of the Sabbatical Officers is changing. This was requested by students back in 2014. The Union have worked really hard to make sure that the transition is simple, easy, and truly represents what you, the students, really want from the Union.

We've broken in down for you - and put a face to the name of the new roles!

Your New Elected Officers and What They Do

We hope these new roles and responsibilities will better represent what students want and expect from your academic and personal university journey and the Union.

Your new Elected Officers will be in office very soon! 

If you have any questions for them, email them at electedofficers@upsu.net and they'll be happy to answer them for you!

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