Request Conflict Resolution Support

Sort It Out is a restorative practice that supports individuals to repair relationships.

Submit a request via the Sort It Out support request form.

A member of our Advice Team will assign your case to one of our specialist mediators and respond to all requests within three working days.

Why Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution allows you to have difficult conversations in a safe environment with a trained impartial mediator. They will facilitate the discussion to help everyone involved to listen to each other and support you as you identify areas of commonality and difference.

The mediator will not solve the problem for you, instead they will help you to analyse the problem, decide what you want to achieve and come to a mutually agreed solution.

We work in partnership with Portsmouth Mediation Service and have trained Student Mediators offering the service as Peer Support.

We are independent from the University and this will not negatively affect your degree.

How it works

First complete our Sort It Out Support Request Form. Your case will then be assigned to a student mediator who will be in touch to organise an initial 1:1 consultation with you. 

They will then discuss the issues with you, how conflict resolution can help and what the next steps will be, including the process of involving the other party and arranging a group meeting

When can Conflict Resolution help?

  • You are experiencing conflict with your housemates (take a look at our advice on How to Live Together)
  • You believe yourself to be the victim of bullying and/or harassment
  • You feel that you are unable to communicate your problems to anyone but you need to feel listened to and understood
  • Conflict has arisen which you have tried to resolve but now feel that you do not have the ability to work things out on your own
  • You are keen to try and find some sort of resolution that all parties can live with
  • You want to avoid taking out a formal complaint

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