Getting Your Student Card

Some information links you might find useful for getting and picking up your Student Card!

Your Student Card is your ticket to campus (if you're using the Uni Bus, literally!)

What is a University Student Card?

Your University Student Card provides the following:

  • Access to University of Portsmouth buildings
  • Attendance monitoring 
  • Access to the University of Portsmouth library
  • Proof of ID for examinations
  • Your University Bus pass

If you are a new student, you won't have had your Student Card yet - you usually pick this up in your first few days. 

Much like everything this year, it's a little different. Read below all the information you need to create and collect your student card, or, if you are a returning student and need a new one!

There is a 3 step process in place to help ensure students receive their Student Cards as soon as possible:

  1. Students MUST upload a photograph at 
  2. You will then be invited to book an appointment via Eventbrite to collect your card at Portsmouth Guildhall Cafe from 28th September to 16th October
  3. Turn up at your allotted time to collect your student card.  

Please do not turn up Portsmouth Guildhall Cafe unless you have applied for your card AND have booked a collection slot. 

For safety reasons students will be turned away if they have not booked a timed slot.

If you are a returning student, and have lost or damaged your Student Card, you can only request a new one via the online store. You will be asked to provide details of a delivery address. 

You can find out more information here.

Need more information about your Student Card?

Not sure you need one because you won't be on campus?

Find out all the information you need to know here.

Click herefor Student Card FAQs.

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