Ramadan 2021

Ramadan will still be very different this year, so we want to provide our Muslim cohort will useful resources during this holy month.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a celebration which remembers the month the Qur'an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad! 

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How is Ramadan celebrated?

Ramadan is roughly a month long and is celebrated in many different way. 

Most fast between dawn and sunset. Fasting allows those celebrating to fully devote themselves to their faith. Fasting teaches self-discipline and reminds those of the suffering which many face in their day to day lives.

Those celebrating Ramadan usually have one meal directly after sunset (iftar) and another just before sunrise (suhoor).

Individuals are encouraged to give up bad habits during Ramadan! Ramadan is a time for good deeds and prayer. Many Muslims will try to spend time with their family and friends, and also dedicate their time to helping people in need.

Other ways Muslims celebrate Ramadan is attempting to to read the whole of the Qur'an at least once. They can also attend special services in Mosques during which the Qur'an is read.

We are very aware here at the Students' Union, that Ramadan will be very different this year, and even very different from last year. 

We wanted to make sure our Muslim students feel supported during this holy month. Below you can find some resources which you can use which we hope will be of help during this time.

We, the Elected Officer Team, would like to wish our students a very Happy Ramadan and Eid Mubarak. With the essential element of family and community missing, we hope that despite the restrictions of going outside, we can use this time to reflect deep within ourselves and look out for one another in this truly challenging time. With the understanding as to how difficult it is to fast while taking your assessments, with the anxiety of the health climate, we would like to take the opportunity that as a Students Union we stand in solidarity and support with you and hope you reach out to our support services and the university's wellbeing if you are struggling. We wish you a month of blessings and happiness during your fastings!
- Rama Hilouneh, Students' Union Learning Experience Officer on behalf of the Elected Officer Team

Ramadan Resources:

Islamic Society

Don't forget to reach out to your fellow society members if you are part of a society. It's important to share experiences and resources and promote conversation during the current situation to get through it collectively.

Islamic Society:

Society Page

Facebook Page

University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplaincy is still reaching out to students as much as possible and can provide digital support and updates through their Facebook page and by emailing chaplains@port.ac.uk

Dr Amra Bone is our University’s Islamic Chaplain and is available via email to discuss any issues students may be having and share her expertise.

Reaping the Benefits of Ramadan Webinar

Portsmouth Ramadan Calendar 2021

Islamic Finder provides a timetable for Sehar & Iftar times for this years Ramadan.

Muslim Council Of Britain Resources

The Muslim Council of Britain have published a helpful document for supporting you through Ramadan and COVID-19. It gives you some top tips about celebrating safely during the lockdown easing and advice on how Ramadan will be affected this year. They also have a Facebook page that provides you will lots of relevant information.

Online Events

Eventbrite have a plethora of digital events going ahead that you can register for and attend from home. The majority of these are free for all to access.

Ramadan Planner

Here is a really useful Ramadan Planner which includes daily checklists and verses.

Zakt Calculator

Working out how much Zakat to give can be a confusing task. This easy to use calculatorwill tell you exactly how much you need to give based on how much you own.

Covid-19: Human Interdependence (From 2020)

Covid-19: Human Interdependence Dr Amra Bone

In the name of God, the most merciful and the most compassionate ….
Assalaama Alaikum (Peace be upon you all)
It is during the time of crisis we are reminded of our fragility as human beings, a virus, Covid 19, so minuscule that can cause such havoc in our lives and indeed around the whole world.
God and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) remind us of these human frailties during the periods of calamities and gives good news to those who are patient and humble and share their blessings and gives warnings to those who hoard, stockpile and raise prices. It is our attitude and behaviour that can determine our outcome not only in this world but also in the life hereafter.
More than ever now, through our technology, we see more clearly our interdependence, it does not matter what colour our skin is or where we live, it is our behaviour which can either help others or put their lives in danger.
Keep up social distancing!!!

As things change rapidly with Government guidelines, we know it can be confusing as to what you can and can't do. 

You can always check the Government guidelines by visiting the Government website, which will tell you what restrictions are easing and when. 

We hope you have a blessed time and that the month of Ramadan is filled with peace, harmony and joy. May the divine blessings of Allah protect and guide you. May the holy spirit of the month of Ramadan spark in your heart always and guide you to walk through your life.

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