A statement from your Sabbs and your Union surrounding #BlackLivesMatter

First and foremost, we want to pay our respects to George Floyd, another black man who’s died recently in the face of police brutality in America. The fact that this is still happening shows that things have not changed, and institutional racism is still a prevalent issue across all sectors of society. It is of utmost importance to us to tackle these issues head-on, and stand up for justice.

The killing of an innocent man can be triggering and have severe effects on the mental health of those who feel proximity to these events. This must not be ignored. With racial inequality also being present in the UK, students may be worried about the wellbeing of themselves, friends and families. As an institution, we must accommodate for those students and reassure them that we are and we will be doing everything in our power to alleviate their anxieties and challenge the status quo of institutional racism moving forward.

We see the unlawful killings and repercussions of black people shown in the media, often unprovoked and for no reason. We see black people being punished differently by the police, in the US and the UK, for the same crime as white people, who are often given a second chance. This is unfair and unjustified.

We also see racism in the form of our daily microaggressions, that are still inherent in our society and which many of us have grown up in, normalising the oppression of black people. We see the normalisation of ‘racist banter’ in schools and in the workplace. We see a lack of accurate and positive representation of black people in the media, who are often labelled in the form of racial stereotypes.

Finally, we ask those who do not face racism to never stay silent in the face of racism and to educate oneself on anti-black racism and what you can do to actively help and support black people who need it the most. Talk about this with your friends and family, share helpful information and resources online to others and donate if you can.

In order for this to become a reality, we pledge to;

  • Continue our work reducing the BAME attainment gap
  • Work to a more inclusive education with the University
  • Create more spaces for black students to have their voices heard and to be represented through democratic processes
  • Call out racism when we see it and ensure that the appropriate disciplinary practices are put in place.

Students' Union Bournemouth University have shared a fantastic series of anti-racism resources, where you can educate yourself on the issues: it contains articles to read, twitter accounts to follow, videos to watch, podcasts to subscribe to and books to buy. Find out more here.

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