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We've partnered with Printt to bring you free printing on campus. Printt app lets you print for free! It’s free thanks to a small advert we place on the bottom of each page you print. Don’t worry, they’re subtle, relevant, and you may just discover something of interest! For example, film releases. 

Using Printt is easy - download the app, upload a document, and use any Printt-app enabled printer in the UK. There are 4 locations currently on campus - at the Union, Greetham Street Halls, Trafalgar Halls and James Watson Halls.

2 simple steps to free printing

Download app & upload files

Download app & upload files

Printt runs from your phone. Go to the app stores to get it. Upload your files via their website or via the app on your phone.

Find your nearest printer

Find your nearest printer

With Bluetooth turned on and app open move to within 5 meters of the printer. Press Printt on the file you wish to print your printing will emerge from the nearest available printer.

Please note: Printt is provided by an external third party provider. The Union Shop maintains paper supplies within the printers within the Union building and paper jams. Issues with printers should be raised with the Union Shop directly. Free printing should not be used for formal submissions as advertising banners are printed at the bottom of each page.

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