Keep Safe

Personal Safety

Out and About

Make sure you keep safe at night, whether on a night out or heading home after study, with these handy tips:

  • Avoid walking home alone. If you do you can use apps like Bsafe and Life360 to track your journey with friends and family, along with other built in safety features.
  • Keep to well lit areas and avoid places you don't know, even if it’s a short cut.
  • Get cash before you go out at night. This means you can avoid using cash machines in the dark and will help curb your spending! Make sure you have some saved for the journey home too.
  • You may come across aggression, avoid getting into a fight by staying calm and respecting others space. If you do have a problem walk away as fast as you can and report the incident to the police.

Reporting a crime

If you become a victim of crime, report to the Police or University Security immediately.

  • Off campus call 999
  • On campus call  +44 (0) 23 9284 3333 (3333 on internal phones)
  • Non-urgent reports can be made to any police station or by calling 101

Use POMPEY to #KeepSafe on a night out


Make sure you keep safe when getting around Portsmouth whether cycling or using public transport, with these handy tips.

Should you feel threatened on public transport attract the attention of the driver or guard. 

Make sure you're visible with high vis clothing and lights on your bike -  it’s illegal to cycle on a public road after dark without lights and reflectors.

When locking up your bike, two locks are better than one. Keep to well lit-areas and in view of CCTV, where possible.

You can also register your bike for extra security with

Using the University bus? You can access timetables on the go on the Unibus app or website . The best stop to get on the bus on campus is opposite the Union on Cambridge Road.

Plan your journey in advance and make sure you know alternative buses in case you need them.

If you plan on using a taxi, plan your journeys out and back before you leave and make sure you keep some spare money to one side for fare.

Keep reputable Taxis numbers handy or use approved Hackney’s at Taxi stands

If you are at all worried in a taxi, ask the driver to stop in a busy area and get out of the car.

Safe Space in Guildhall Walk

Hurt? Injured? Lost your mates? Need some help?

Safe Space is open 10.00pm till 3am on Fridays and Saturdays to help anyone who is injured, lost, needing advice or just wants to talk. Visit the Safe Space at Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre.

Contact Safe Space for more information:

T: +44(0)7939 008647


Online Safety

Make sure you keep safe online, whether on social media or even emails, with these handy tips:

Tickets and Fraud

  • Scam emails - would they really ask for that information? To find out more about phishing and identity theft see The Mix
  • Also be cautious when buying tickets for events online. Make sure they are legitimate events from a trusted provider.

‘In the last 3 years alone over £8 million has been taken from students through simple scams, frauds or other such attacks’  NUS (2013)

Social Media

  • Make use of privacy settings on social media. This way you know what you're sharing and with who.
  • A picture lasts forever, think before you share. Once you do you lose control and you picture may be shared more than you first intended.
  • If you are attacked online, don’t be ashamed, report it! Depending on the level, the University and Police may be able to support you.
  • Hampshire police sextortion information and advice

Sexual Health & Relationships

Relationships can be difficult and have their ups and downs, especially when you’re away from home. Here we have a range of advice, guidance and information relating to your sexual health and relationships.


Condoms are the only type of contraception that protect you from both STI's and Pregnancy! We have free condoms available, pop into our reception in Gun House to pick up a pack. You can also order them for free online form Solent NHS here:

Condoms come in different styles and sizes. Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Services in Hampshire say it’ encouraged to try different types of condom and lube without a partner to see what works best for you!

They may look cute and cuddly but these guys are based on real STD's!

You can get free and confidential testing and treatment for STI's from Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Services in Hampshire. See their website for more info

Ladies have you heard of LARC's? Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives can be used as a 'Fit and Forget' type of contraception. These will only protect against pregnancy though so you still need a condom!

Need emergency contraception? You can get this from most pharmacies, your GP and sexual health services. For more info

Alcohol & Drugs Awareness

We understand that alcohol is a big part of the University lifestyle and it is important to be aware that you can make better choices while drinking to ensure your own safety.

Drugs can also be an issue for many as addictions can easily get out of control.

Keep yourself informed with these online resources and links for support should you need it.


Make sure you know your fact and fiction when it comes to alcohol with these drinking myths:

Don’t drink in the streets! Portsmouth is an Alcohol Control Area & as such f the police reasonably believes you are or have been consuming alcohol in a public place, they can ask you to surrender it.

If and when you are drinking try pacing your drinks with these tips from NUS

Interesting Facts from Drinkaware:


Please make sure you are making educated decisions if you do decide to take substances. The Union has launched a new drug harm reduction campaign "If you don't know, get to know" drug testing kits are now available at the Union's Advice Service! #SafeSesh 

If you or your friends are looking for free and impartial advice please contact

Do you know what’s Fact and what’s Fiction when it comes to Drugs? Test your knowledge at Know The Score:

Have you ever felt pressured to take drugs? FRANK have tips for how to deal with it

Different drugs work in different ways and their effects can vary from person to person. Make sure you know what you could be taking & find out more here:

Make sure you know the Law around drugs. If you’re caught with them, you risk getting a criminal record, a fine or you could go to prison:

New psychoactive substances:                                                                                                           Previously known as ‘legal highs’, the UK Psychoactive Substances Act came into effect on the 26 May 2016, which banned NPS, making it an offence to produce or supply them. For more information see:           

The University of Portsmouth's student drug policy can be found at: http://policies.docstore.port....

Top Tips:

  • Don’t drink alcohol and take drugs at the same time – This can be a very dangerous combination.
  • Never use drugs alone.
  • Call 999 for an emergency. Don’t avoid calling the emergency if you are afraid of the police being involved. Remember that if you call an ambulance, they will only contact the police if someone feels threatened or if a death has occurred.
  • If you’re worried about a friend make sure you stay close and monitor their wellbeing and offer reassurance and comfort.
  • If your friend has been assaulted or think they may have been drugged encourage them to contact the police immediately or to go to the hospital.

Places where you can get help:

Student Wellbeing Service

Safer Portsmouth Recovery Hub

Your GP

Police and Ambulance: Call 999 for immediate response, or 101 if you are not in immediate danger.

Other organisations:

  • Frank:
  • Port of Call: The Port of Call team is made up of people in recovery and professionals who are trained in addictions counselling. We know that some people may not want to seek help from directly within the University and would rather speak confidentially to an independent company. It is for this reason that we urge you to stop suffering in silence and get in touch with people who have been there and can help.