Student Living

Information on student housing here in Portsmouth, including Halls of Residence and private rented accommodation, as well as some resources to help you manage your money!

Student Housing Advice in Portsmouth


There is a range of accommodation available for students who are attending the University of Portsmouth. Follow these links to find some information and guidance on the main types of accommodation available to you, and how to live in harmony with your housemates!


Student Finance Centre

The University’s Student Finance Centre (not part of the Students’ Union) can help you manage your finances as a student.

They provide a range of services, which can be split into two main areas: information, advice and guidance; and the administration of hardship funds.

The centre is on the second floor of the Nuffield Centre and is open five days a week, all year round (except Christmas).

During office hours, a member of staff is always available to help, so you can drop in whenever you would like - there’s no need to make an appointment.

Contact Student Finance

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