Improving your academic experience

Improving Teaching Standards

Improving Teaching Standards

Our Elected Officer team work closely with staff from the University to champion excellence across the board. They sit on a broad range of committees with the aim of looking at different aspects of University life. Some of these committee's include: the Library Committee, the Student Support and Advice Committee and the University Learning and Teaching Committee.

The Elected Officers will be working throughout the year to push for positive change across the University. Their unique insight into student life allows them to directly reflect the voices of our students here at Portsmouth. The EOs also communicate to the University our feedback from research and the 'Have Your Say' programme as well as the recommendations from the Annual Quality Report.

Annual Teaching Awards

Annual Teaching Awards

We think it's really important that we celebrate excellence in learning to create something all students and teaching staff across the University aspire to achieve. Annually we hold the teaching and learning awards at the Union to acknowledge and champion the very best in teaching, support and educational practices across the University.

Quality Assurance Report

Our Quality Assurance report is a way to make sure students are getting the best out of your University experience by monitoring and ensuring standards at the University.

Supporting the Quality Assurance Agency

In March 2015 the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) visited the campus to review the University, in consultation with our students we delivered a student written submission.

Teaching Excellence Framework

This year the Government is introducing a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) which aims to recognise and reward excellent teaching.

UPSU disagrees with elements of the TEF because we believe that the current framework does not directly measure teaching excellence. In addition we do not agree with the TEF being linked with the increase in tuition fees.

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