Have Your Say
Elections: Interested in Have Your Say? Become one of five Faculty Reps and help make students' ideas a reality.


The Accountability Forum will be held at least once a term and will be overseen by the Good Governance Officer. This will enable students to submit questions to elected Officers in person (or in advance online) and also hear reports from the officers on the Have Your Say Ideas that they have been working on.

Additionally the UAB will be responsible for submitting a monthly blog which will account for the elected Officer’s activities and the ideas that have been voted on in the Zones.

Union Actioning Body members (UAB) are elected representatives that work hard to help make positive differences to your experience.

Each term UAB members are held accountable to the student body. This term your VP Education & Democracy as asked UAB members to submit a summary of what they have been doing this term so far. You can read the summary by clicking UAB Accountability (Term two) March 2018 here.

If you have any questions for UAB members you can submit them by clicking here. Please ensure you submit your questions by 12 noon 23rd March.

Spring Term 2016-2017

This session was held in the Student Opportunities Centre on March 15th 2017. Questions were sent out to all representatives and officers who couldn’t attend. These have been made as an addendem to the minutes.

Spring Term 2016-2017

2016-17 AMM Reports

Sabbatical Officer Reports & Updates

If you have any questions please email goodgovernance@upsu.net

2015-16 Reports

Sabbatical Officer Report

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