Sabbatical Officer Review

Why are we doing this review?

In 2014 a motion was put forward by students to review democratic participation within The Union. This was broken into three parts:

A review of the way you are able to make changes, talk to us and vote upon what matters to you,which resulted in the creation of the Have Your Say system and Union Actioning Body - Completed 2015 & revised 2017

A Review of who sits on the change making "Union Actioning body" and what your liberation groups look like - this resulted in the creation of the Student Networks - Completed 2018

A review of your UPSU Sabbatical Officer Positions - the thing we are asking you to do now. The intention had been to complete the full review in 2016. However, this was when the Union embarked on the Future Union project where student feedback highlighted that the activities of UPSU were no longer fit for purpose. As a result more work was needed to identify how the organisation would meet student needs before it could be identified who leads it. 

What you told us

3000 of you spoke to us about the future direction of UPSU and 255 commented on what you want from your Elected Sabbatical Officers. Based on this feedback we have created the following model.

Please help us shape your representatives by providing feedback on the proposed model.

What will happen?

Oct 19
You will be consulted on the proposed model.

Nov 19
The feedback will be analysed and the officers supported by staff will finalise the model based on your feedback.

Dec 19
The model will be presented to UPSU Trustees.

Jan 20
Nominations will open for students to apply for the new positions. You can run for these.

Feb 20
You can vote for candidates running for the positions and the winners will be announced.

Jul 20
The first post holders of the new roles will take office.

Overview of model

We want your input into two key parts of the new model we have created

There will be 5 sabbatical officer roles. We have created 4 we think fit, please provide your feedback on these in part one, We will then need your help in Part two to decide what the fifth Sabbatical Officer should look like

Part One: The four identified officers

Below are four of the officer roles that you have helped us identify. During the consultation you will be able to provide us with feedback on your thoughts on these four roles:

Student Welfare

Wellbeing Campaigns

Mental Health

UoP/ External Welfare liaison

Support for student groups

Support for sports clubs



Key UoP/ External academic partners

Collection of feedback

Action of feedback

Co-creation and UoP partnership working

Academic Campaigns e.g teaching quality, Assessment ~& Feedback

Course Rep system

Faculty Reps


UoP Partner relations

Academic Campaigns e.g teaching quality, Assessment ~& Feedback

When running to be elected for the above positions candidates will submit manifestoes based on what they want to change. Additionally, as with current practice, they will be shared into student feedback. Once in post, each officer will identify an additional areas of work based on your feedback and work to deliver a campaign on this alongside their manifesto and day to day duties.

*There will be an additional resource to support the new Sport Partnership for the 20/21 academic year. Please note all of the names and titles presented in this model are not confirmed. Some additional work will be undertaken to ensure that clarity of the new roles and structures is maximised.  A change to the names and titles should not alter the remits and responsibilities. 

Part Two: What should the fifth officer role be?

We would like some more information from you about what role the fifth officer should have. Below are the two options:

If you select a president role the focus would be:

  1. Senior UoP relationships
  2. UPSU democracy and governance oversight
  3. Leadership to the officer team
  4. A clear figurehead & Local community partnerships link

You would be choosing:

A clear figurehead that provides leadership to the rest of the team. The support, development and visibility of Student Network and HYS Campaigns would be split across all officers. 

If you select a democracy & campaigns role the focus would be:

  1. UPSU democracy and governance oversight
  2. Lead for Union Actioning Body (UAB), Have Your Say and Student Networks
  3. An activist that supports the development of student networks and campaigns that do not fit the four officer portfolios above
  4. Local community partnerships link

You would be choosing:

Greater support and visibility for the Student Networks and Have Your Say campaigns that support our least engaged students with a figurehead identified within the officer team after they have been elected. Senior UOP relationships will be shared amongst all officers.

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