Jamie Wernham is a 2nd year Media Studies student who won March Course Rep of the Month. Jamie spoke to us about being a Course Rep. 

Why did you become a Course Rep?

To be completely honest, I was hesitant at becoming a Course Rep when I first heard about the opportunity. I was not sure as to whether I would be able to balance the responsibility appropriately and make a difference within the university. However, I ultimately went for the position because I love helping people, and I wanted to ensure that everyone's university experience was the best it could be!

How did you feel about winning the award?

I was extremely surprised - and frankly a little shocked! I am aware of the positive changes that are made thanks to the Course Rep and student body contributions, but it makes me feel very grateful and proud that the work I do for my course and school is recognised by others . It lets me know that I am doing a good job for everyone!

What has been the biggest thing you have achieved for other students? How has this helped them and improved your course? 

I think one of the biggest changes I have participated in is the creation of an assessment timetable for SMPA students. Several students, both on my course and on adjacent courses, had complained in the past about not being able to find their relevant assessment due dates on the Moodle pages, whether due to limited visibility or an in-site error. I took these concerns to the Student Staff Consultant Committee meeting, and thanks to the involvement of staff, students and other reps, the SMPA now has a Google calendar for all assessments and due dates! I think this has improved the course as it allows students to properly keep track of their assignments without confusion.

Why did you pick your course?

I chose BA (Hons) Media Studies because it was the best of both worlds in terms of my academic and personal interests. My original course plan was going to be Creative Writing and Media, since writing was and is one of my hobbies, but I realised in college that there was more to media that I enjoyed; such as video production, digital media and social media. The Media Studies course presented me with much more varied studies into the different types of media, including writing, and has broadened my knowledge in many areas of the industry!

What is the best thing about your course?

The best thing about my course is being granted the opportunity select my own small topics and case studies of most of my assignments. Whether the projects involve video production, transmedia elements, or just essay components, the majority of assessments allow me to choose the case studies that I am interested in in order to properly argue my points. I think this is very important in the structure of a course, as it lets students explore their own ideas and really engage with the subject in their own way.

What are you spending your voucher on?

I will most likely be putting the voucher towards more photography equipment - another hobby of mine that I have developed more since attending UoP!