Last night saw the first Union's Awards & Showcase - our opportunity to celebrate the successes of our societies, student media, RAG, volunteering, Course Reps, and staff.

Throughout the year we have announced the winners of Course Rep of the Month and the monthly Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching, and at the awards ceremony we were delighted to announce the runner up and winner of the Overall Impact award. 

The criteria for these awards were:

- Use of new and creative teaching initiatives to engage students
- Provision of extra academic support, beyond usual expectations
- Creation of a community of collegial learning amongst students and staff
- Provision of outstanding pastoral and personal support
- Excellence in student and staff collaboration
- Excellence in facilitating and utilising the student voice

We received an outstanding 259 nominations for 122 individuals, and were delighted by the quality and great work of our lecturers. The shortlisted staff were Andrew J Williams, Bernard Davies, Carmen Pasamar, Chris Milner, David Loydell, Ed Stoddard, Emma Austin, Hooshyar Assadullahi, Jo Park, Kevin McHugh, Lisa Sugiura, Liz Twigg, Paul Joyce, and Roger Moore.

The runner up was chosen due to his work promoting the Academic Enrichment Programme, which enables students to tailor their learning and provides a much richer and enjoyable curriculum. His pastoral support is delivered in a kind and thoughtful manner and he always has time to talk students through tough times. He is always enthusiastic and supportive of student's ideas, which helps give them the confidence to make their ideas a reality. He is known for his kindness, enthusiasm, and positivity. His passion for his subject is infectious and his teaching style is engaging and open, which encourages discussions and independent thinking. He works tirelessly to promote change that will enable students to reach their full potential.

The runner up of the Overall Impact Award was Ed Stoddard from the School of Social, Historical, & Literary Studies.

The winner of the Overall Impact Award had an outstanding 24 nominations but was chosen due to the incredible work detailed in these. It’s been hard to summarise his nominations, but we’ve picked a few key points. The winner makes his subject fascinating and learning enjoyable. He cares about student wellbeing and is incredibly patience with you if you don't quite understand something. He sources research papers to send to students to support their work, and deliberately seeks out students to ensure they’re okay. He teaches his students to think independently and develop their own conclusions, preparing them for their careers in industry. He has arranged a second field trip to ensure all students have an outstanding experience.He is open to supporting all students, regardless of whether he is their supervisor, and will give support with all work, even that which isn’t his primary field. He has an amazing way of keeping everybody interested and engaged and also letting people enjoy themselves without straying off topic. He supports students with personal problems and tries his absolute hardest to make it easier for them. He presents a calm learning environment in which he never fails to find new and interesting ways of conveying information to the class. His actions have only ever had a positive impact, he pushes us to be the best that we can be.

The winner of the Overall Impact Award was David Loydell from the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. 

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all nominees and winners, and to all involved in the nomination process. You have all made a positive impact for University of Portsmouth students.