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Every year thousands of students gain skills and experience through the Union that you often aren't aware you have. Skills that make you more employable and experience that will make you stand out from the crowd.

When you're writing your CV, or applying for a job, this website will help you link to the skills employers are looking for and help you to link to an experience or activity you might have been involved with through the Students'™ Union.

Skills A-Z

Analytical Ability

The ability to gather information and analyse it, to be able to solve problems and make decisions that ensure ongoing productivity or progress.

Communication Skills

To convey information to and receive message from people clearly and simply, in a way that means things are understood and get done.


The ability to work together with someone else to achieve a common aim or complete a joint action.

Finance Skills

The ability to follow, understand and manage a budget, whilst utilising and applying principles of best value.

IT Literacy

The ability to use computers and related technology efficiently and effectively


The ability to inspire and guide others to reach a vision, target or common goal.

Meeting Skills

Closely linked to communication skills, this is about your ability to communicate, actively listen, contribute and demonstrate your competence in a meeting setting.


The ability to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, to show respect and competence.


A duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task, and make decisions in relation to such.

Self Motivation

Taking initiative to continue, or complete, a task or activity without being supervised or prompted.

Time Management

This skill demonstrates your reliability and ability to prioritise.

Work Experience

Any experience that a person gains 1) while working in a specific field or occupation or 2) to get a feel for a professional working environment by undertaking a voluntary role

Commercial Awareness

General knowledge of business and trends, and an understanding of their impact on a related industry.


Where you dedicate yourself to do something, and you accept the obligations involved.

Energy & Enthusiasm

The passion, drive and determination that you exert in trying to achieve something.


The willingness to adapt, change or compromise.


Recognising and taking the opportunity to take charge or control of something.

Logical Arguement

The ability to back up and support your thoughts and views with constructive and objective reasoning.

Problem Solving

An ability to provide or source a resolution to a problem or issue.

Real World Experience

Practical or actual experience which provide generic life skills.


The ability to be depended upon for honesty, accuracy or to achieve something.

Self Management

Similar to time management, the ability to prioritise and manage your own responsibilities.

Team Work

Working with others to achieve a goal, aim, vision or target.

Willingness To Learn

The desire to improve yourself, your knowledge and your competencies.

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